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Your Adventure Buddy
24 September 2017

Every newly visited place has its unforgettable history which enriches the spirit and brings happiness to the souls. Streets vibing of emotional sounds, flooded with spectacular views. Landscapes unfolding pictorial shapes, turning heads right while searching memories and left releasing imagination’s freedom. Buildings raising their architecture up into the sky, aiming for the future from the heights and making eyes look up and right while recalling the times gone, buried in their curves and lines. Mint or citric, aromatic sweet scents, spicery of shops and parks bend necks to the ground gazing to left for memories of a smell, taste or emotion.

But when have you lately looked up and left trying to imagine something, picturing how it could be your next trip adventure?

“Life is an open road
It’s the best story never told,
It’s an endless sky, it’s the deepest sea
Life is an open road to me”

(Bryan Adams)

Music and travel have always gone together and MICCO Travel fellows’ talent lies in feeling the vibes inside anybody curious, whether experienced traveler or not, planning together and guiding the steps for a memorable journey or just a simple escape. Travel tips and imagination bring wishes to light and put minds in motion, insider guides smooth the way to fascinating stories, video experiences and stunning photos, infusing pleasant moments to any traveler.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page” (Saint Augustine). Why not to take the best of any business trip and switch it into a lovely experience? Far from the icy idea of humdrum answers, MICCO Travel team listens and inspires, reveals useful tips and customize journeys, either it’s about a business trip or a leisure one.

With a 24/7 service, they stay connected to anyone’s travel needs, ready to understand any requests and customize travel plans to meet all the expectations: